A new comic book company is about to open its doors for business, and we want you to know that you can count on us to deliver.

ABACUS isn’t jumping into the publishing arena with a slew of unknown titles, either. Former Alias titles LULLABY, IMAGINARIES and SIXGUN SAMURAI will flagship this new company, with a few more awesome titles in the works for next year!

These strong titles, along with a simple, yet profound game plan, ensure three goals set forth by ABACUS:

1- Comics have to be great. If it’s not something we’d pay for, it’s not something we’ll publish.
2- Comics have to be on time. That means if it’s not four issues in the can, we don’t solicit.
3- Comics have to be ongoing. Fans need time to care about the characters we publish.

We're also producing the Abacus Omnibus, an ongoing anthology series for those comics that are too good not to publish, but don't fit the 'ongoing series' mold.

So come on in and take a look around, Abacus creators are at your disposal on our forums, and we have previews of all our great titles on the comics page!

Thanks, and welcome!




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